How To Build An Ice Fishing Sled

How To Build An Ice Fishing Sled. There’s a 55 page thread on ice shanty about smitty sleds people have built. It should make your sled much more efficient than it was before the installation of the skis.

How To BUILD a Smitty Sled! (Ice Fishing DIY) YouTube from

You have a lot of options when it comes to placing your sled on the. If you are looking to build your own smitty sled for ice fishing this is the simplest and cheapest way possible i promise! There you have your homemade ice fishing sled.

Then Lay Your Template Over A Piece Of Plywood And Cut Out The Desired Shapes.

A few tools are necessary to make the ice fishing sled. Considering they start at $28.99 for the jr model, they are also extremely affordable. Fishing tackle (also see ice mods part 1) arriving with the newly modified pull sled, drew and i found ourselves walking across the ice on lake superior’s chequamegon bay once again.

There You Have Your Homemade Ice Fishing Sled.

I built a polk sled before building a smitty sled. Please visit our store for all kinds of equipment for literally all your outdoor activities right here: Next, attach the skis to these blocks.

I Didn’t Use Wax Rope.

You can screw the blocks through the inside of the sled. Most skis you buy second hand will have the bindings still attached. I just thought we could wrap it all up in.

A Diy Project To Turn My Ice Fishing Sled Into A Mobile Shelter Ice Fishing On The Cheap.

Then, drill holes at the desired interval with a bit the same width as your eye bolts. Just got done making my homemade ice sled. The pull sled was built with walking in mind when a wheeler or snowmobile would not be an option.

These Shavings Also Tend To Get Drifted Back Into The Hole, Staging A Losing Battle To Keep The.

Push the bolt through, add a fender washer to keep the hardware from pulling through the relatively weak plastic, then screw the nyloc nut down tight. 73k subscribers in the icefishing community. It should make your sled much more efficient than it was before the installation of the skis.


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