How To Get Glintstone Key Elden Ring

How To Get Glintstone Key Elden Ring. Go to liurnia of the lakes. You don't have to kill the dragon yet.

Glintstone Key Elden Ring Locations, Use, Guide GameInstants from

The glintstone key can be found on a raya lucaria scholar's corpse just behind the dragon. The players may check the elden ring world map to find this location. Here is where to find the academy glintstone key in elden ring.đź”´ subscribe:

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Once you have used it, the glintstone key will remember you. The glintstone key is required for players to enter the academy of raya lucaria. This small island to the west of the academy is guarded by glintstone dragon smarag, but you can avoid this optional boss by sneaking around him.

Ride In With Torrent And Then Disturb Glintstone Dragon Smarag And Bait It Out Of The Way.

How to get the glintstone key. The glintstone key is found in the area marked on the map in the image above. Where it was resting, head into.

The “Temple Quarter Ruins” Will Be Located On The Northwest Side Of The Landmass In The Elden Ring.

Then jump down, climb up the stairs and go left as shown below. Go to liurnia of the lakes. This temple quarter is on the west side of the.

When First Approaching The Raya Lucaria South Gate, Elden Ring Players Can Loot A Small Map From A Corpse.

The glintstone key in elden ring grants access to raya lucaria, the second location on any tarnished’s journey to restore the elden ring. Use the jet pack to get up on the tower to investigate the point. To get it, you will need to either:

Like I Have Mentioned Above, The Glintstone Key Is A Key Item.

The elden ring glintstone key is an item you need to find as part of the game's critical path. Check out this guide to find out where to find the glintstone ke. Investigate the point to get the raincaller island scenic point.

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