How To Make Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole References

How To Make Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole References. Keeping your bird feeder out in the open like this also has the benefit of keeping birds safer. Squirrels have a very intense sense of.


Baffles prevent squirrels from gripping onto the pole and thus. A squirrel baffle is an essential item to have on your bird feeder pole. To keep your feeder out of their reach, your pole needs to be tall enough to hold the feeder at least 5 feet off the ground.

Next, String Empty Plastic Bottles Along The Wire.

Bird feeders and the surrounding area get dirty quickly. What can you put on a bird feeder to make it squirrel proof? Use a level to make sure it is standing straight.

Tulips, Crocuses, And Geraniums Draw In Squirrels, So Try Not To Establish Those.

If you place them near trees where the squirrels can jump on the feeders and feed themselves, then your squirrel problem is never going to go away. Your bird feeder is ready! Very sturdy and also very good at keeping squirrels away.

Squirrels Can Jump Up To 5 Feet Vertically.

The cuts should be made keeping in mind the seed size. Simply locate the hole and with the short length of pipe held vertically level hammer it in about 12 inches. The obnoxious scent will keep squirrels away from your feeders and anywhere else you want to protect, including your garden.

If You Don’t Want To Spray, Why Not Sprinkle A Deterrent?

Set up your feeder away from houses and trees. This is a combination of bird droppings, spilt food, and general debris. Boil that in a quart and a half of water for thirty minutes.

Now Place The 11 Pvc Post In The Hole.

So long as you don’t place this bird feeder pole too close to a tree where squirrels can jump to it from the branches, no squirrels will be able to reach your bird feeder. Easy to make and saves you money. Baffles prevent squirrels from gripping onto the pole and thus.

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